Commonwealth Club Reception With First Lady Susan Corbett

Tuesday, February 26 brought Mrs. Corbett to an evening reception at The Chester County Historical Society. A former teacher (like her husband), the First Lady addressed the general principles behind the Passport for Learning Block Grant initiative proposed by the Governor. She highlighted the importance of elementary education and making sure Pennsylvania children start their educational path on solid footing in the subjects of reading and math.


Commonwealth Club Reception With House Majority Leader Mike Turzai

The Commonwealth Club rang in 2013 with style, hosting the first reception of the season on Thursday, January 31 in the historic LeMont restaurant in Pittsburgh. House Majority Leader Mike Turzai set a commanding example as guest speaker for the event.

House Majority Leader Mike Turzai provided an exclusive update for the members. The primary focus was to reiterate his support of Governor Corbett's liquor privatization plan. Turzai himself proposed legislation in 2011 to privatize wholesale and retail liquor distribution, and sell off Pennsylvania's state stores. He has repeatedly stated that government should not be in the business of selling wine and liquor or promoting alcohol consumption, citing Utah and Pennsylvania as the only two states with state-controlled liquor circulation.

"The governor's plan includes auctioning 1,200 licenses for retail sales of wine and spirits by county, 800 of which would be for larger stores and 400 for smaller stores. It's time Pennsylvania moves into the 21st century by transitioning Pennsylvania to what every state around us has: the ability to buy wine, spirits and beer in more convenient locations." The evening concluded with an opportunity for members to ask questions of Leader Turzai, and mingle while enjoying the stunning panoramic view of the city lights.


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