About Commonwealth Club

What Is The Commonwealth Club?

The Commonwealth Club represents an impressive cross section of Pennsylvanians—elected officials, community leaders, business executives, entrepreneurs, physicians and retirees

Members attend lunches and reception across our Commonwealth with Republican officials and leaders, sharing information on today's important issues and keeping members informed on the Republican campaign every step of the way.

Joining the Commonwealth Club is the best way to put Republican ideas in to action!

Why Join The Commonwealth Club Now?

The Commonwealth Club has never had this many events scheduled all across the Commonwealth Club. We have seven events in the first four months!

Your membership is good for one year after you join. Now is the time to start building for the future. The next election cycle is right around the corner and we have a lot of work to do putting together a winning operation.

What Benefits To I Get?

In addition to helping support the Republican Party of Pennsylvania, members also receive:

  • Invited complimentary to monthly Commonwealth Club events held throughout the state
  • Discount on New York City Commonwealth Luncheon in conjunction with Pennsylvania Society Dinner ($300)
  • Discounted tickets to annual Fall Dinner and Lincoln Day Dinner
  • Receive the annual Report to Shareholders, daily PA GOP News Brief and regular updates from Party Leadership
  • Lapel pin

How Is My Money Used?

The Republican Party of Pennsylvania will spend the money on specific projects that move us towards our common goal of winning our 7 statewide-judicial elections, defeating Tom Wolf, supporting President Trump's agenda, and increasing majorities in our U.S. Congressional delegation, State Senate and State House.

Commonwealth Club contributions stay right here in Pennsylvania, helping to elect Republican candidates for federal, state and important local offices.

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