Attorney General Ashcroft Stresses Need For Individual Freedom

Wayne – On April 10 Commonwealth Club members gathered for a breakfast at the Radnor Hotel with former Attorney

General John Ashcroft. You wouldn't be able to tell how early in the morning it was, given the level of excitement of the attendees.

Ashcroft began by thanking Chairman Gleason for his excellent leadership in a state where Republicans are heavily outnumbered. It is due to Gleason's ability to unite the party that Pennsylvania has been able to score so many Republican wins. Chairman Gleason began by touting Ashcroft's dedication to public service across all levels of Government. The former Attorney Generals diligent work over the years should be a model to us all as we work to improve our great nation. With that the Chairman gave the floor to John Ashcroft.

Vice Finance Chair Jim McErlane summarized Ashcroft's comments, "We need leaders who will promote growth not only in business and economics, but in individual freedom. Too often our government seems to promote freedom for certain groups, but suppresses individual freedom. Individual freedom is what has made this country great." Before concluding the event, the former Attorney General took a number of questions from the commonwealth club members before departing.

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