Commonwealth Club Members Gather For Luncheon With U.S. Senator Rick Santorum

Senator Rick SantorumPittsburgh – On Thursday April 10, Commonwealth Club members gathered at the Duquesne Club for a luncheon with former U.S. Senator Rick Santorum. The room was at capacity as they gathered on the beautiful spring day.

Vice Chair Joyce Haas served as the master of ceremonies. She introduced PA GOP Executive Director Bob Bozzuto who gave a wonderful update on the state party. Allegheny County Chairman Jim Roddy introduced Santorum by discussing his strong.

Santorum began by talking about his upbringing in Pennsylvania as well as the great education he received in the Keystone State. He thanked Governor Tom Corbett, who when faced with federal stimulus money that had run out, the Governor increased basic education funding. Santorum went on to credit Governor Corbett's administration for continuing to decrease the state's unemployment rate to a point well below the national average. The Republican Party has always been a party of workers and under the Governor's leadership this state remains a working person's state citing his book that recently came out "Blue Collar Conservatives". Before heading out to enjoy the rest of the day, the Commonwealth Club members asked the Senator a few questions about the state of the nation and his thoughts on current affairs.

Following the event Haas commented saying "Pennsylvanians and Republicans across the country remain proud to have Senator Rick Santorum as a great leader. His remarks today about returning to be the party of the working couldn't be more true. It is this kind of attitude that this country needs to embrace. At a time when President Obama and his liberal friends continue to push their agenda, Senator Santorum provides a model example of an effective leader."

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