Congressman Kelly Stresses Unity Among Republicans

Pittsburgh – Commonwealth Club members met on January 28th at the Duquesne Club for an evening reception for the first of many Western Pennsylvania events. Joining them was Congressman Mike Kelly from Pennsylvania's 3rd Congressional District. Vice Chair Joyce Haas opened up the event by recognizing all of the party officials and inviting students from Mohawk Area high school to lead the group in the pledge.  The program began Vice Chair Haas providing a party update noting that this is the petition period and our opportunity to get our elected officials on the ballot.

Congressman Kelly began by stating how far President Obama and leadership have divided us as a nation. By forcing us to identify through our political party this President attempted to drive us to becoming the Divided States of America. When voting we must remember first and foremost that we are Americans. This upcoming election is possibly the most important election of our lifetime. The congressman was also very excited about the depth of our Presidential field.

While the Democrats are resigned to having 2 very bland candidates, Republican boast a much larger field of people with varying ethnicities, gender and background. Regardless, of who our candidate is, Kelly stressed, we must unite behind them to because this Country cannot stand another failed Presidency such as Obama's. Before taking many questions from the guest, the event concluded. As always Commonwealth Club members were enthralled to be joined by Congressman Kelly and look forward to having him again.

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