Day Touts Need For More Grassroots Involvement

Pittsburgh – On Wednesday May 14 Commonwealth Club members gathered at the Duquesne Club for an evening reception with RNC Co-Chair Sharon Day. The event provided a nice relief from the warm spring evening for the many guests. Vice Chair Joyce Haas opened up the evening's festivities by introducing the Congressional Liaison Jerry Morgan.

Jerry began by saying that in order to win a campaign we must put in the maximum effort, year round. Morgan stressed the need for a committed and disciplined base that works to ensure that people throughout the Commonwealth know how hard Governor Corbett is fighting for them every day. Mr. Morgan then gave up the podium for Co-Chair Sharon Day. Grassroots organizers are the key to finding and developing new leaders for this country, Day explained. Our leadership is only as strong as our volunteers on the grassroots level. The Co-chair emphasized the importance of reaching out to women who are too often overshadowed in the party.

Commonwealth Club member Elaine Gowaty touched on how remarkable Day's words were. "The Co-chair was full of such energy and enthusiasm for the Republican Party. Her vision of increasing the role of women in the party is exactly what this country needs." Before closing the event Co-Chair Day took a few questions and mingled with those gathered.

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