Newly Elected Congressman Costello Learning The DC Ropes

Philadelphia – On Friday January 23, members of the Commonwealth Club met for their first event of the year with newly elected Congressman Ryan Costello of the 6th district. The full house was excited to see the former Chester county commissioner at the Philadelphia West Marriott.

Congressman Costello began by thanking all of the local leaders that he had come to respect and admire. It was because of them that Costello was able to grow and learn about his community in order to best lead them. People like former Congressman Jim Gerlach laid the groundwork for him to come in to his role smoothly by organizing strong district offices and staff that can best serve the people of the 6th District. In addition to having great leaders that prepared him for this position, Costello also remarked at how accommodating his peers are from the Pennsylvania delegation.

As a freshman congressman, the audience was very interested in learning about the opening weeks as part of the 114th Congress. As Costello described he first had to take part in a crash course on being a Congressman. This includes how to set up an office, organize a staff and as the Congressman put it, "how to breathe as a Congressman". Afterwards Montgomery County Controller and Commonwealth Club Member Stewart Greenleaf said "Congressman Costello clearly has his work cut out for him, from the massive amount of information he must absorb on pressing issues to the nuts and bolts of setting up an office. Congressman Costello's comments demonstrated he already has a firm understanding of important policy questions as well as the dynamics of a complex legislative process. I left even more confident he will ably represent Pennsylvania in Washington."

Before the event ended, the Congressman took a few questions and mingled with a few of his constituents.

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