Priebus: PA GOP Model For The National Party

Philadelphia – Commonwealth Club members gathered on Friday, May 16 at Morton’s Steak House on Walnut Street for a luncheon. The room swelled to capacity as the members made their way in from the deluge on the city streets. After being treated to one of Morton’s signature steaks Chairman Rob Gleason opened up the event.

Gleason began by discussing all of the progress that was made at the most recent RNC meetings in Memphis, Tennessee. These meetings offer an opportunity to share successful campaign and finance tactics as well as learn new ways to contact voters. With the new technology that has been developed our party remains poised to prove to this nation that Pennsylvania is a red state. Chairman Gleason then introduced RNC Chairman Reince Priebus.

Priebus began by thanking Chairman Gleason for his hard work and efforts of the Republican Party of Pennsylvania. In a state where Republicans are outnumbered by Democrats by a million voters, Pennsylvania continues to sport Republican majorities across the legislature. "What Rob is doing here in PA is what we need to do as a National Party" state Chairman Priebus. He has established a full time ground game that accesses people in all communities throughout the state, that keeps people aware and involved in the party.

Before giving the stage back to Chairman Gleason, Priebus reminded everyone that we need to make sure people know that we are fighting for them and not just their vote. As the event began to draw to a close Commonwealth Club Chair Chris Gleason reminded everyone that on June 19 we will be having the Annual PA GOP golf outing in conjunction with the Summer meeting on June 20 at the Hershey Country Club.

To RSVP, please contact Margot Crouch or Gerry Wosewick at (717) 234-4901.

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